Business Development



Mideast Capital will use its network with the leading companies, government agencies, local investors, business organizations, and suppliers across the UAE and the Gulf region to "open the doors" for you. Our role is to give you access to the top decision maker in politics and business in the Middle-East and thus support you to be a leader in your field.


Mideast Capital Business Development team is committed to provide you with the best quality of service to promote your brand in the Middle East.

Our offer includes:

"Opening doors": connect you to top decision makers


We can connect you to top decision makers in the UAE and the region.

We are committed to introduce you to the people and the companies you need. We will support you to close the deals and make your business successful.


Depending on your requirements, our introductions can include:


  • Management team of small, middle and large companies (CEO, CFO, COO, IT, HR, etc): We can give you access to major companies in the country and advise you on the strategy to partner with them.


  • Governmental organizations: meeting setup with the offices of political leaders for large international transactions that require strong support.


  • Influent businesspeople in the region: depending on your requirements and needs, we will be able to set up a meeting with the right business professionals to partner with you or be your local sponsor.


  • Banks, investors and private equity/venture funds: we can assist you to raise loan or equity for your projects thanks to our extensive network in the financial industry in the region.



Roadshows to promote your business


Mideast Capital, can organize a roadshows to introduce your products and services to some business professionals in the region. Our services include:


  • Presentation of your company;

  • Promotion of your products and services;


  • Introduction to new business partners


  • Fundraising.


We can organize a trip on 3 to 10 days, in Dubai, the UAE or the GCC.


This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their businesses and projects but it is also a facilitative opportunity for investors to find suitable partners.




Event management


Through its business club ARAB BUSINESS LEADERS, Mideast Capital has organized in 2012 and 2013 several international business events (festivals, events and conferences) to promote the relations between the Middle East and the rest of the countries. We also organized some events to promote foreign brands to GCC business professionals.


All our events are attended by top decision makers and major companies in the GCC. We are committed to do our events in the best World's venues and offer your the best quality of services.


We will identify your target audience, devising the event concept, planning the logistics and coordinating the technical aspects. We will also invite media (Newspapers, magazine and TV channels) to cover the event and promote it across the GCC.


Our team will offer you "post even services" that include meeting set ups with targeted potential companies and investors and a monthly newsletter to all the guests who attended the event to maintain the ties between your company and them.





List of our event partners

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