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Houssam Nasrawin

Houssam Nasrawin is an entrepreneur who worked for family offices and private equity firms in the Gulf region, in Paris and London.


He advised international companies in their international development and was in charge of the investment strategies of HNWIs and family offices in Europe and the Gulf region.

Houssam started his career in investment banking, working in fixed income and leverage finance. He then joined a private equity firm in Paris as analyst and later a private equity firm specialized in frontier markets in Dubai. He was the managing director of an advisory firm in Dubai and he then joined a family office being in charge of the investment strategy.


Houssam holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master degree in Economics (specialized in Environment) from Paris Nanterre University and a Master in Finance (Grande Ecole) from Ecole supérieure de Nantes Audencia.

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Houssam founded the business organization Arab Business Leaders with the vision of bridging the Arab countries to the rest of the World by focusing on the understanding of mutual cultures to do business. Arab Business Leaders has now members and partners in 37 countries in the World. Its members are exclusively top decision makers: CEOs, top executives, politicians, NGO leaders and members of royal families of the Gulf countries. 

Being convinced that the potential of people in the MENA region is under exploited and that Arab people can be plenty integrated in the globalization, Houssam wants to contribute to a prosperous Arab World, open to the other nations and where entrepreneurs initiate.


The organization has managed several initiatives to foster entrepreneurship in the region and organized international events to strengthen the business ties with the Middle East, Africa and Europe.