Company Incorporation

Dubai offers foreign companies a wide choice of business options, including:


  • Direct trade - selling directly to established dealers and distributors;

  • Commercial agency arrangements - appointee must be a UAE national or company; agreement to be registered with Ministry of Economy and Commerce;

  • Branch or representative office - 100% foreign ownership permitted; local agent (sponsor) must be appointed; Economic Development Department licence required;

  • Limited liability company - foreign ownership restricted to 49%; Economic Development Department licence required;

  • Special free zone investment incentives.

Mideast Capital offers you the best quality of services to set up your company in the UAE. Thanks to our partners and our team of professional with years of experience in the Gulf market, we can take care of every step of the incorporation process and give you the right tailor-made solutions to fit your needs and requirements.





Mideast Capital, through its team and network has the expertise to complete the administrative and legal requirements for company formation.


We offer solution for the opening of:


  • LLC Companies;

  • Free Zone Company;

  • Sole Establishment;

  • Global Branch Office;

  • Global Representative Office;

  • Local Branch Office;

  • Local Representative Office.

Our consultants will do all the job for your company formalities and handle all the issues with trouble-free for you. Our full spectrum support services include:

Administrative Tasks

  • Identifying the ideal business structure for your company;

  • Opening bank account with local or international banks;

  • Introduction to the local sponsors that match your needs and support you the best depending on your business, your company size and field;

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements in local Dubai company formation transactions;

  • Support to obtain  trade licenses and permit of operations.

  • New Visas & Renewals;

  • Visa Transfers & Cancellations;

  • Family & Employment Visas;

  • Company license amendments

  • Certificate attestation

  • Documents notarization

  • Labour card (work permit)

  • Business Licensing

  • Trademark registration

  • Trade License Renewal

  • Permit of operations.

  • Serviced Office Space

  • Virtual Office Facilities

  • Healthcare insurance

  • Supporting you to network in the UAE, meet the right people and the GCC through our events and networking club partners;

  • Finding for you the best place where to live in Dubai. Thanks to our real estate partners, we are able to give you access to the best opportunities on the market;

  • Assisting you to find the best schools and universities for your children and take care of all the application process.

Mideast Capital offers also post incorporation services such as:

Strategic advice

Legal strcuture for Business

Foreign investors can choose between several types of cooperation and partnerships for conducting business in UAE.

A foreign company wanting to do business in the UAE can choose to set up operations as a branch, representative office or registered company within one or more of the emirates, or it can appoint a commercial agent to sell its products in the UAE market or export them.


It has to interact with authorities at the federal and emirate level and observe federal and local laws and regulations. New companies can also choose to conduct their activities from a Free Zone, which is a designated, self-regulated area set up to catalyse economic activity within an emirate and is governed by its own set of rules and regulations.


The Federal company Law stipulates a total local equity of not less than The Federal company Law stipulates a total local equity of not less than 51% in any commercial company and defines seven categories of business organisation, which can be established in the UAE.


  • General Partnership Company: Formed by two or more partners who will be jointly liable to the extent of all their assets for the company liabilities.

  • Limited Partnership Company: Formed by one or more general partners liable for the company liabilities to the extent of all their assets, and one or more limited partners liable for the company liabilities to the extent of their respective shares in the capital only.

  • Joint Participation (Venture) Company: A company concluded between two or more partners to share the profits or losses of one or more commercial businesses being performed by one of the partners in his own name. Local equity participation must be at least 51%.

  • Public Joint Stock Company: Any company whose capital is divided into equal value negotiable shares shall be considered a public join stock company and a partner therein shall only be liable to the extent of his share in the capital.

  • Private Joint Stock Company: A number of not less than three founder members may incorporate amongst them a private joint stock company whose shares are not offered for public subscription. The founder members will fully subscribe to the capital, which must not be less than two million Dirhams.

  • Limited Liability Company: LLC can be formed by a minimum of two and a maximum of 50 persons whose liability is limited to their shares in the Company's capital. More info below.

  • Limited Share Partnership Company: A company formed by general partners who are jointly liable to the extent of all their assets for the company liabilities and participating partners who are liable only to the extent of their shares in the capital.


New companies can also choose to conduct their activities from a Free Zone, which is a designated, self-regulated area set up to catalyse economic activity within an emirate and is governed by its own set of rules and regulations.

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Establishing a Business: know more about LLC and Free Zone

In the UAE, regulation of the establishment and conduct of businesses is shared at the federal and emirate levels. There are two paths for doing business in the UAE: through joint partnerships or through a Free Zone.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

The LLC is the most popular form of business organization in UAE. A Dubai limited liability company (LLC) is the best vehicle to use for companies willing to sell products or services freely throughout the UAE. In a LLC, at least 51 percent of the business must be owned by a UAE national. However, you can receive more than 49% of the profit.

You will require a license to do any business in the UAE. 


Advantages of the LLC


  • Unrivalled access to all the UAE market;

  • LLC licence give access to almost of all activities (except banking, insurance and investment activities);

  • No minimum capital requirement most of the time;

  • No limitation in office space requirement and recruiting process;

  • No yearly auditing;

  • No corporate tax;

  • No limitations in getting employment visas;

  • Flexibility to rent office anywhere;

  • Easy to open.





Our team has already opened hundreds of LLC and Free Zone companies in the UAE and GCC

Free zone

Free Zone companies are business that 100% owned by the person who set it up. Free Zone companies do not require a local sponsor or an agent.


Establishing a Free Zone company in a UAE Free Trade Zones (FTZs) can be an attractive option for foreign investors and business owners. 

There are over 20,000 companies in 21 Free Zones around the UAE. 


Each Free Zone is designed around one or more business industry categories and only offers licenses to companies within those categories. An independent Free Zone Authority (FZA) governs each free zone, and is the agency responsible for issuing FTZ operating licenses and assisting companies with establishing their business in the FTZ.

The provisions of the Commercial Companies Law (CCL) do not apply to FZEs, provided that the Free Zones have special provisions regulating such companies.

The major advantages in operating in a free zone are:


  •  Can be formed by only one individual;

  • Authorized to open bank account in the UAE;

  • 100% ownership of the enterprise;

  • 100% import and export tax exemptions;

  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits

  • Corporate tax exemptions for up to 50 years

  • No personal income taxes

  • Very easy and fast procedure

  • Assistance with labor recruitment, and additional support services such as sponsorship and housing;

  • A high level of administrative support from the free zone authorities;

  • 100% Secrecy;

  • The company can be liquidated anytime

  • The company is allowed to do international business



  • A Free Zone Company is not allowed to trade directly with UAE market. The Free Zone Company can undertake the local business only through the locally appointed distributors.

  • Custom Duty 5% is applicable for the local business.