Our greatest value is our people. Our team and partners have built up substantial transactional and operational expertise. We will manage each step of each opportunity and deal with all the issues to make your company successful. 


Our staff has established a track record of successful incorporations of more than 200 companies in the UAE and a partnership with several of them. We also provide advice across a complete set of banking and finance legal services.


We combine deep industry knowledge with unparalleled technical expertise to offer you the highest quality of financial and legal advice and strategy consulting, delivering tailored made solutions that will make you successful in the Middle East.


Mideast Capital's team is composed of:


  • Professionals originally from the Gulf region with an excellent understanding of the local business (entrepreneurs, business professionals, top executives of large, medium and small size companies, bankers, lawyers, industry experts and politicians).


  • Professionals from Western countries (mainly Western Europe) who worked for top tier institutions and hold a degree from the most prestigious European universities.



 We have a distinct way of working based on our values:



It is paramount for business professionals to trust that their privacy is being protected, especially concerning sensitive and personal information. ​We ensure that information is safe and accessible only to those authorized to have access and is protected throughout its lifecycle. 



Mideast Capital is committed to deliver the best quality of service and advice. We will be your partner, sharing the same goal of making your business grow. Together we will be stronger.



Passion in what we are doing is compulsory for Mideast Capital. Our team has a strong passion for the Arab World and our team has a deep understanding of the way of doing business in the Middle East. ​Passion is what drives us and what makes our difference.


When dealing with challenging situations, our strength is our determination and commitment. It requires us to set ambitious targets for ourselves and for the services we provide you. 

"Together we will be stronger"