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Mideast Capital launched a business organization to encourage cultural and business exchanges between the Arab World and the rest of the countries. Our members are exclusively CEOs, top executives, politicians or members of Arab royal families.

Arab Business Leaders, through its members and partner, is located in 35 countries all around the World. Arab Business Leaders aims at helping its members to network, share ideas, create business opportunities with the Arab World.


Arab Business Leaders is committed to upholding the following objectives between the Middle East & North Africa and the rest of the World:

  1. Networking

  2. Entrepreneurship

  3. Arab culture promotion

An international network with a focus on the Middle East


Arab Business Leaders aims at creating one of the largest networks of businessmen and women with interest in business in the Arab World. It is among the only Arab clubs today that offers to its members a worldwide presence. 

Arab Business Leaders will help you to be connected to the main business makers and inspirational business leaders in the region to make your project successful.


With members in 35 countries, Arab Business Leaders aims at helping its members to network, share ideas, create business opportunities with the Arab World. In a nutshell, we have the ambition to build a ''business bridge'' where cultural, social and lingual barriers are collapsed to pave the way for business to flourish between the Arab World and the rest of the countries.

However, we do not focus only on business. Our wish is to promote the Arab World and make it better known by foreigners. Far from some stereotypes and bias, we want to show to the World another face of the Arab culture and countries.



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Promoting business through international events


Arab Business Leaders team represented Arab investors in several international summits and meetings. Our members are invited to share their vision and encourage international investor to penetrate the Arab World and Arab investors to invest abroad especially in Europe and Africa.​

Arab Business Leaders will organize events all around the World to promote business in and within the Middle East.
We have already done conferences, gala dinners and awards ceremonies in Dubai and Europe, and others are planned in all the regions of the World in the coming months.


      List of past and future events organized by

      Arab Business Leaders   



ABLeaders Events

Promoting Arab culture


Our organization is open to anyone, no matter the country, the religion or the gender. Our members share the same passion for the Arab World and they play the role of ambassadors of the Arab culture in their country of residence. They work on creating  a better future for the Arab countries by making their culture and tradition known and understood all our the World.


At Arab Business Leaders, we believe that doing business starts with knowing eachother and understanding eachother because business is above all about people and not only figures, business plans or profit. ​

We work on developing future leaders and creating a knowledge-based society by recognizing, promoting and reinstating the role of culture, heritage and cross-cultural understanding in the region. 

Arab Business Leaders is, therefore, committed to:

  • Expanding access to and participation in culture;

  • Promoting respect for culture and stimulating creativity and imagination;

  • Fostering intercultural dialogue to promote mutual understanding of regional culture and history.


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